We provide training to everyone from existing security specialists, to newcomers to the security industry, and also provide programmes for employees / employers at large corporations and other, smaller businesses. Our Security Training courses have been designed to improve the skills of existing security specialists and allow those new to security techniques to better protect themselves, and their loved ones, and to gain employment or boost their career prospects in the security industry. Each of these courses has been designed by our experts to equip every student with key security skills such as situational awareness, self-defence and hazard prevention. There are various training pathways that we provide, with specialised courses to suit all kinds of needs, and business size and sectors.



With over 10 years of expert security training and experience, our team can pass on some of our elite skills and on-the-job experiences to all students, allowing them to get hands-on, improve existing skills and prepare them for the real world. Specialising in Close Protection, Covert Security, Trauma care and counter-terrorism , we provide highly detailed training courses for each of these topics for a variety of skill levels. Want to train your staff? We can bring our workshops to you and to equip your staff with the self-defence techniques and risk management skills to help protect themselves and others in the workplace.

We have also been featured in a number of leading security magazines such as SJUK giving our expertise on a variety of security areas

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