Security Consulting Services

Assessing what could go wrong is the first stage in making your assets and organisation more secure. Using our security consulting services, we will identify and contextualise any potential threat or hazard to your organisation as well as define its human and economic impacts.

Next, we will design, implement and test the necessary capabilities needed to effectively protect your assets from all relevant threats and provide you with relevant data to back up our evaluations. Every organisation is different, and has its own unique set of circumstances that increase or decrease the likelihood of a security breach or failure of business resilience.

Our evaluations take all possible scenarios and factors into account to create a custom physical security system strategy. To do this we draw on years of experience in real-world security situations and our hard-won expert knowledge.

Services – Security Consulting

For organisations that already have a protective system in place, we will conduct a security survey and highlight any existing weak spots. We will provide a detailed analysis of areas for improvement as well as test and implement the most effective measures for protecting your assets.

We specialise in a wide range of sectors such as business and corporate organizations, schools, private residences, Places of Worship, filming sets and entertainment venues and many more. Our solutions are tailored to each of these different sectors and are made realistic and practical whilst keeping every business’s needs in mind throughout the process.

Risk Assessments – Security Consulting

The risks your business is exposed to are constantly evolving, as criminals and terrorists adapt to and learn to bypass security strategies, as new threats and hostile actors emerge, and as challenging economic circumstances drive desperate people to desperate measures.

Based on our knowledge of the past patterns and future trends of criminal activity derived from years of experience in the security industry, our assessments are optimised to create a tailored security plan which will both fit your budget and needs and provide you with the best possible level of security.

Plans – Security Consulting

Creating a plan that’s both realistic, cost-effective and efficient in reducing risk for each type of organisation can be challenging, especially with these new risks and all the factors such as location and the current crime climate. When identifying all potential threats, it’s essential to look at all levels of risk, from petty crime through to global emergencies – as has been demonstrated to the cost of many businesses in recent years. even the pettier of crimes up to extreme levels such as terrorism. We’ll leave nothing out when it comes to assessing your risks and providing you with a plan of action, and have a track record of finding creative solutions for problems of all sizes, shapes and budgets.

Consulting Services