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Aviation Security with TF Consultancy Group

TF Consultancy Group are specialists in aviation security, with extensive experience of implementing advanced security measures for the Israeli airline industry. Our elite ex-military and law enforcement trainers will help you identify and address the current and future threats you face.

Whether you work for an airline, airport, or civil aviation authority, TF Consultancy Group has the experience and expertise to help you add a new dimension to your aviation security offering, honing and expanding your capabilities with the help of our internationally recognised experts.

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Consulting for the Airline Industry

Protection for airports and aviation environments

We will work with you to design and deliver bespoke training programmes to ensure your offer is truly industry leading. Our team calls on decades of expertise in aviation security in high-risk environments in the Middle East and will help equip you with the right tools to deliver complex contracts and to consistently meet and exceed the high standards that this sector demands.

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