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Jon Wayne Taylor

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Jon Wayne Taylor is a current police officer and US Army combat veteran with multiple deployments. Jon has spent decades as an EMT and Combat Medic, serving in the U.S., Central America, the Caribbean, and Southwest Asia. He has treated hundreds of traumatic injuries, and as a certified Combat Advisor and Military Medical Advisor, has taught Tactical Combat Casualty Care to military and police forces around the world. Taylor continues this work as a volunteer through the Team 5 Medical Foundation and continues to teach TCCC to U.S. law enforcement units.

Since leaving the military, Jon has advised major international corporations on enhancing their emergency preparedness and physical security measures. Any business looking to make sure its team is capable of handling itself independently — whether a regular business that puts its people first, or those operating in high-risk industries such as construction and security – can benefit from his advanced first aid and trauma care training.

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