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About Bernardo C., CPP

With over 16 years of operational experience, Bernardo is a subject matter expert (SME) in the field of Counter Terrorism (CT) and security best practices. His expertise covers high-risk police tactics, special operations (SOF), dignitary protection (CP) and close quarters battle (CQB).

Bernardo recently retired from active duty in a Special Operations unit of the Border Police, focusing on direct action and low visibility operations. He has served as a Federal Air Marshall, Personal Bodyguard to the Chief of Staff (IDF), Combat instructor and Counter Assault Team member to the Israeli Dignitary Protection Unit.

Between direct action missions in the IDF, Border Police, aviation security, dignitary protection assignments and other deployments on behalf of the Israeli Security Establishment, he has hundreds of operational missions in his background.

For more than 10 years Bernardo mentored youth as the founder and director of Team of Warriors, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping minorities and at-risk youth, unlocking their leadership potential through excellence in military service.

 In 2021 Bernardo joined the Tactical Fitness Team, an Austin, TX based company as Director of Operations and head of the Law Enforcement and Close Protection consulting department. He is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) from ASIS International as well as a Certified Active Shooter Response Instructor with the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center (ALERRT). Bernardo holds a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism studies from Reichman University in Israel.


  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP) – ASIS International
  • Certified Active Shooter Response Instructor – ALERRT
  • Certified Solo Officer Rapid Deployment Instructor – ALERRT
  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Instructor – Texas A&M (TEEX)
  • Advanced Pistol Instructor – SIG SAUER Academy
  • Instructor – Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)
  • Counter Terror and Riot Control Instructor – Israel National Police
  • Senior Defensive Tactics Instructor – Israel Security Agency
  • Gracie Survival Tactics for Law Enforcement Instructor GST LV2 – Gracie University
  • Martial Arts Coach – Arazim Academy Israel
  • Krav Maga Instructor – Israel Defense Forces
  • Muay Thai & Kickboxing Instructor – Wingate Institute Israel


TF Consultancy Group Has Been Featured In The Leading Publication – Security Journal UK. Our Security Professional, Bernardo, Discusses The Importance Of Risk Management In The Wake Of The Manchester Bombings And How To Apply Them To Real World Situations. Read The Full Publication Below (Page 64-66).

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